Materials and Logistics

Supply Chain Management

Our in-house procurement specialists have many years experience in developing and maintaining partnerships with vendors in order to get best possible terms and prices, better scheduled delivery dates, and after-sales support.  By purchasing directly from manufacturers and franchised distributors, we minimize the risks associated with brokers and the ever increasing counterfeit market.  Our volume of ordering allows us to get better pricing which translates into reduced material costs for our customers.

Micro Consulting offers you the ability to select the materials and logistics option which best meets your needs.  We can provide full turnkey purchasing where we take full responsibility for procuring the materials and warehousing them.  Alternatively we offer a hybrid materials solution where you specify certain materials that you wish us to manage while you provide the remaining materials for a product build.  Finally you have a choice to supply all the materials as full consignment such as when you are off-loading capacity of your manufacturing line or you already have the materials in your inventory.

SHIPPING LOGISTICSIn-Bound / Out-Bound Logistics

Whether it is materials being sent to us for the purpose of manufacturing or we are shipping finished product to you or your end customer, we can offer you another level of turnkey support by managing the transportation needs using standard couriers and trucking companies.  Our experience with logistics and customs enables us to ensure materials arrive in time for our production and that the product built arrives at your facility or end-user on the date you expect it with no inconvenience on your part.