Engineering and Design

The product and design cycle begins with discussions with your engineering, marketing, or business development team about your conceptual product vision and a review of any existing documentation, specifications, requirements for Regulatory and Agency Approvals, and possible areas of the product which could have an effect on performance and reliability. The outcome of this discussion and review is a detailed specification generated by Micro Consulting.  From this document, a conceptual design of the product is developed and reviewed to ensure that the design inputs and outputs will meet the requirements of the envisioned product.

Upon acceptance and sign-off of the conceptual design and specification, the engineering team will begin the actual design and development of your product. We have the in-house experts to design all aspects of the project including electrical and mechanical drawings, electronic schematic and hardware design, PCB layouts, embedded software, custom components design, and final component selection and BOM compilation.

Once the design has been completed, the production process is developed and prototypes of the product are built for testing and validation. From this first prototype run, the product hardware, software, integration and production process is refined so that the product is production ready. A further review of the products performance is done to determine if reliability can be improved and if manufacturing costs can be reduced. If required, product documentation can also be created in the form of operation manuals and installation instructions.

At the end of the product and design cycle, you will have a product which meets your requirements and is ready to go to market. As requirements change in the future, we will be ready to help address them and keep your business ahead of your competition.