Thermal Imaging and Analysis

There is often the necessity to have components designed into your product which run at higher temperatures and can be critical to the operation and reliability of your product. By exercising your product in a controlled environment to simulate worst case situations, we can perform thermo-imaging of critical components to ensure they continue to operate within the manufacturers specifications and do not inadvertently affect the reliability of your product or create a safety hazard.

Thermo-Chamber with Automated Profiling

Your product specification may require your device to operate in an uncontrolled environment where it could be exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity levels.  This may have an adverse effect on the operation of your product and it is important to understand how it will perform in these conditions. Using our Thermo-Chamber which is capable of operating from -45C to 190C with automated profiling, we can operate your product in a controlled environment while continuously monitoring the performance of the product, its components, sub-assemblies, and cable harnesses.