Additional Capabilities

BOM Risk Analysis

Our engineering group reviews your Bill of Material (BOM) to evaluate the potential risks associated with the specified materials used to build products. Supply chain risks include natural disasters, system failures, decreased world-wide supply, and manufacturing facility closures due to economic down-turns. It is essential to evaluate these risks and devise countermeasures so that lead times in the procurement and manufacturing of a product can be accurately determined.

DFM / DFT Analysis

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis is a service where we review your product to determine methods to increase manufacturing efficiencies which reduces your costs. A more thorough review of your product can be chosen where component specifications and PCB layouts are analyzed to ensure they meet the intended requirements and regulatory standards. Design for Test (DFT) analysis helps identify product improvements which would allow for better and more thorough testing of your product.

Automated Test System Development

By building automation into a test platform, our systems can provide various levels of hands-off testing. Automation can be as simple as guiding the test technician through the procedure using prompts or as complex as fully automated systems where there is no interaction with the test technician other than fail/pass activities.