Engineering and Design

Micro Consulting’s team of engineers are qualified and experienced and are ready to take your ideas and provide full product development or provide assistance with specific areas of your design as a consultation service. Our end goal in the engineering department is to provide services which meet your budget, time, product development requirements, and help you get a superior product to market before your competition does. We specialize in hardware, software, mechanical, and integration design of new or existing products as well as design improvements to decrease manufacturing costs. Our engineers can also provide test fixture and test system design and development. As your design ages and materials become difficult to source or become obsolete, we offer BOM Risk Analysis and End-Of-Life Product Management to help extend the life of your product or seamlessly transition to new revisions.

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Turnkey Manufacturing

The Micro Consulting manufacturing team offers you the ability to concentrate on developing your product lines, marketing, and sales while we take the responsibility for building and delivering the product. Whether you have a production ready product or needing your design revised and turned into a finished product, we have professionals to provide this service. Our turnkey manufacturing service provides production process engineering, material procurement and inventory, building of product (including integration and testing), warehousing of finished goods, and fulfillment logistics. Our post-sales support includes repairs of product that we have manufactured.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing gives you the option of controlling more of the production activities. We look after the production process engineering and building of your product or subassemblies while you maintain control of some or all of the materials and final delivery of finished product to your end customer.

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Other Services

If you are in need of a single manufacturing process due to your own line machine failure or lack of production capacity, we can provide you with quick turn-around service to help you through difficult situations. Refer to our list of engineering and manufacturing process capabilities that we can provide.

If you have questions about any of our services, please click here to get in touch with us directly and we will be happy to answer any concerns or questions.