MC Building Front

Our History and Mission

Micro Consulting began operations in 1985 providing consulting services and electronics design solutions. Based upon customer requirements for a reliable manufacturing shop, the decision was made to add production capabilities and offer contract manufacturing.  In 1987, Micro Consulting moved to a new location and the first manufacturing employee was hired.  By 1992, the production department had expanded to the point that the company needed to move to a building that was much larger.  As the production requirements continued to increase and capacity became an issue, the decision was made to purchase land and construct a facility which would house the business for many years.  Micro Consulting moved into this newly constructed building in 2006 which is still our current facility.

Throughout the 30 year history of the business, our manufacturing processes have evolved to keep pace with current technology.  We were one of the first businesses in Canada to adopt the No-Clean soldering process in an effort to help protect our environment and reduce production costs.  Our first Surface Mount Technology line was purchased and commissioned in 1999 and upgraded in 2006 to support the growing trend towards this technology and to increase our manufacturing capacity.  We implemented a Quality Management System in 1999 and recently upgraded this system and became certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our engineering capabilities have also grown with the company.  Our engineers continue to remain current on the latest technologies and trends.  We have added a thermo chamber for testing of products at extreme conditions, can perform thermal image profiling, and are constantly upgrading our test equipment and development software so that we can offer our customers design solutions which are cutting edge and fully validated.

Micro Consulting has grown solely on word of mouth, quality, and being able to quickly respond to our customers needs.  In order to offer the best possible support to you, we have made the business decision to continue to focus on our engineering services and capabilities, low to medium volume manufacturing of the products that we have designed for you, and to provide contract manufacturing options which suit your business model. All this is in an effort to help you get your product to market as quickly and economically as possible while building our business so that we will be here for many years to continue to support you.