Prototype To Medium Volume Manufacturing Services

Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have experienced and trained staff who can meet your production expectations and deadlines.  We specialize in build sizes from as low as a single unit prototype to medium volume manufacturing.  By focusing on low to medium volumes, we can provide faster and better service to our clients without overextending the capacity of our manufacturing facility and compromising delivery times and quality.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Using specialized high-speed automation for Surface Mount and Through Hole Technology components, we are able to quickly and accurately place the majority of components used in building electronic circuit boards.  What cannot be placed by machine is placed using semi-automated machines or by hand.  Our circuit board assembly is supported by many other machines for the precise forming, trimming, and preparation of components for use on the assembly lines. We can process circuit boards from Thin / Flexible PCBs to thick multi-layer PCBs with no restrictions on the number and type of components on each side of the PCB.

image029Sub Assembly, Complete System Assembly and System Integration

Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards is only part of what we do.  We will also build all the required sub-assemblies and put all the pieces together as a complete finished and tested product.  Additionally, we can also integrate the assemblies into your final system at our facility.


Cable and Wire Harnesses

Using machines for wire and cable cutting, trimming, and terminal crimping, we can quickly and efficiently process most types of material used in the production of cable and wire harnesses.  Electronic testers allow for full pin-to-pin testing of every cable and harness before it is used in manufacturing or shipped to you.